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Turtlesilk.com is the domain of Linda Stinchfield and is currently in its fourth incarnation. Hopefully it’s an improvement... at worst, it’s at least more up-to-date.

Why turtlesilk? Good question... I thought a lot about possible domain names, trying out various words and phrases and checking whois.com for prior ownership. Jabborwocky.com was taken, as was TwasBrillig.com. That let out my love for Through the Looking Glass. I certainly didn’t want to use LindaStinchfield.com, despite its availability... I’ve spent my life having to spell Stinchfield. Enough already.

One day I went deep-sea fishing with neighbors. (Digression: People catch fish in inverse proportion to how badly they want them. This is a theory which is my own.) The brand name for the fishing rods that came with the charter was Ugly Tiger. It seemed to have possibilities. I mentally tried on various tigerthings and thingtigers. My favorite was tigersilk. Alas, it was taken-- and with risqué content, no less.

That led to much mental pairing of animal names with silk: lizardsilk, ostrichsilk, etc. Turtlesilk won. It pairs an animal name (I love animals and natural history) with a fiber name (I’ve been a handspinner, knitter, and weaver). It’s easy to spell. It can be typed without using any awkward fingers. And best of all, it wasn’t taken.

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